Sports 121, our passion is your fitness

Based in the South East of England, Sports 1-2-1 is a business built on a passion for health and fitness. Our trained professionals offer a service of high quality sports coaching within local schools, clubs and organisations, designed to increase awareness of health and fitness at all levels.

At Sports 1-2-1 we believe in promoting health and fitness at a grassroots level and are particularly focused on our work within schools and communities. Building England’s sporting talent at ground level is a great way of encouraging more people to take part in sports and helps to raise the level of sporting talent nationally.

In a society where obesity and type two diabetes are being named as one of the most prominent threats to our health it is vital that the benefits of physical activity and leading a healthy lifestyle are taught to our children. Helping them to establish good fitness regimes and positive eating habits can make changes that will last a lifetime.

Our school sports coaching programs help children to develop important skills that they can transfer to other aspects of their lives. Children are able to learn team work, leadership skills and how to deal positively with setbacks and failure.

We have a variety of options available as part of our sports coaching services including one to one sessions in our own private gym, school sports coaching and even corporate events and team building sports exercises.

With competitive prices, summer sports camps and great value offers, Sports 1-2-1 is dedicated to maximising our students sporting potential!