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We are a passionate company that currently offer PE services to around 20 schools in Hertfordshire. From Breakfast clubs, to After School Activities to the core Curriculum PE Lessons, we are proud to have been part of children’s Health for over 8 years.

There have been some changes within Sport England and Sports 121 are here to make sure that you don’t have to worry about how that affects your PE provision and to build activities that are in-line with these and any future changes that might occur.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that your curriculum and out-of-school activities are not only delivered to the highest standard, but that they are also created in a way that will have the biggest impact on the development of your children.

Sports 121 – Small enough to care, big enough to deliver!


Schools Sport Initiative

The Sports 121 School Initiative package offers a full year of fun filled sports in order to gain top value of everything Sports 121 offers. We will deliver 5 weeks of curriculum based sports sessions per term, (paired with full session plans) with the sixth week being a level 1 Inter-School Tournament. Additionally we will provide an 8 week extracurricular sports club to run alongside the curriculum sessions. On top of the level 1 Inter-School Tournament Sports 121 will also provide a level 2 Intra-School Tournament which will involve and include other local schools participating in the Sports 121 School Initiative. In addition, Sports 121 will also run individual School Fun Days once a term, with the aim to providing one day per term to involve and include all pupils in your school in new and exciting sports, physical and mental challenges and most importantly as the day is all about fun is to have the fun that is so often forgotten in competitive sport. On the fun days there will also be the Sports 121 school awards laying recognition not only to the children that participate in the clubs but also the children on the day, teachers, teaching assistants and the school as a whole. This fun filled activity day will showcase the variety and quality of coaching that Sports 121 has to offer.


Bounce is an 8 week insight into the benefits of health, fitness, diet and the body. During the 8 weeks, Sports 121 aims to build up foundation knowledge on general principles of health, fitness, diet and general well being, through fun activities, games and various physical challenges.

The Health & Fitness Programme will specifically benefit children who are less involved in sport and who could truly benefit from simple advice and support on health and fitness, within a fun and relaxed environment. Nevertheless, this health programme will be of benefit to all children who will gain vital information and education on their own well being which they can take into their adult lives. Sports 121 believe that the best time to educate individuals on their own health is at this young and crucial age; such simple information can shape their futures. This programme is available to and will cover years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Problem Solving

Problem-Solving is an excellent cross-curricular programme that offers a hands-on approach to problem solving. Using large puzzles, dilemmas and different situations, the aim is to challenge the children in order to achieve a positive outcome. The main focus of the programme is to build a more creative extracurricular club that builds on leadership, team building, numeracy, confidence building and different ways of communication. Sports 121 believe that these qualities and characteristics in children are vitally important; development and honing of such skills can be beneficial to a child’s growth and development not only within the classroom and sporting arena, but for youngsters socially as they mature into young adults.

This programme can be aimed at both KS1 and KS2


The Respect Programme is a great value for money package and offers a wide range of opportunities whilst incorporating and reiterating our core beliefs of Respect, Excellence, Friendship, Determination, Courage, Equality and Inspiration. Sports 121 will set a series of challenges to be completed to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Champion levels. The package will comprise of playing a variety of fun team and individual sport, whilst learning the value of respect towards others and all aspects of the sports. and our attitude to sports.

This programme can be particularly useful for those children who experience behavioural issues but this is still a great programme for all children as it enhances and develops their understanding and attitude towards sports and all those concerned including Team-mates, Referees, Officials, Coaches and Spectators.

There have been many studies carried out over the years linking a reduction in antisocial behaviour in children that participate in organised sport. At Sports 121 we think that sport is a fantastic tool that can bring out the best in people and help them form strong and beneficial bonds. For example Lutalo Muhammad the Team GB Taekwondo Bronze medallist was made to take up Taekwondo by his father to stop him getting into trouble. At the London 2012 Olympic Games he public thanked his father and stated that if his Dad had not done this for him he would most probably on the streets or in Prison. This shows that with the great Respect that comes with sport comes the great opportunities to develop yourself.

Rise and Shine

Rise and shine is an early morning club designed to get children up and moving through a variation of sports. It also provides an extremely fun and convenient avenue for parents who would benefit from their children starting school a little earlier. The club will run from 7.30am to 8.45am (dependent on school start times and individual school requirements). Inclusive in this package will be a well earned breakfast (namely toast, cereals and juices) which offers a great opportunity for the youngsters to have a leisurely breakfast together and mentally prepare them for the school day ahead.


There are many Benefits to early morning exercise, most of the benefits are related to our body such as; increased metabolism, Release of more endorphin’s and increased mental acuity. This is why sports 121 are excited to run this programme, we believe that a good morning routine can not only set up a Child’s day more efficiently but it will also put them in a better mood for that day. Not only is the programme convenient to working parents but it is also hugely beneficial to the children. A recent study in Canada has proven that early morning exercise improves learning ability, boosts attention and motivation and manages behavioral problems something that both Teachers and parents would benefit from.